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While I am still somewhat confused with some of the changes and priorities, reading that the breadcrumbs will be available both on top and bottom of the page made me happy.

However: there are no breadcrumbs anywhere on the bottom of the page, at least not on my computers. I still have those horrible google ads on both top and bottom (why google ads thinks is an appropriate ad for a cooking site is beyond me, at least the one on the bottom right now is for eradicating poverty and hunger in the world). The status update is from March 12, stating that the change had been made. I am on a PC, using IE.


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Breadcrumbs (post #69551, reply #1 of 11)

Okay, where are the breadcrumbs?  I really don't know what to look for?

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Breadcrumb definition (post #69551, reply #2 of 11)

 I had no idea what a breadcrumb was (except the Panko kind, LOL.) I had to Google it: 

     - On a Web site, a breadcrumb trail is a navigation tool that allows a user to see where the current page is in relation to the Web site's hierarchy. The term breadcrumb trail comes from the story of Hansel and Gretel, who left a trail of breadcrumbs as they walked through the forest so they could trace their way back home.


FYI, now that I know what it is, I only see the breadcrumb on the top, in the brown box at the top of the thread. Once I scroll down, it is gone. 

Also, I only have ads on the bottom. So far down on the bottom of the page that I had no idea there WERE ads, until I scrolled down looking for a breadcrumb. Little tiny ads, tucked away where I will never see them :-)


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If breadcrumbs are the list (post #69551, reply #3 of 11)

If breadcrumbs are the list of stuff across the top from Home to Feedback, great. Any use for it?

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Use (post #69551, reply #5 of 11)

Yep -- you can click on any of them to get back to a previous location.

Since different users will navigate a web site in different ways, it's best to have more than one path for people to get from point A to point B and back again.

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Breadcrumbs (post #69551, reply #4 of 11)

Hi Astrid--

  I see the breadcrumbs on top, they are in the brown bar just above the main post title and read: "Home> Forums >..."  I like them because you can go back to any node in the forum without hitting back, or clicking around a lot.  I do not see any breadcrumbs on the bottom.

 How annoying that you are still getting obscene ads.  This may have been mentioned, but have you considered switching browsers?  I am running Google Chrome (on a Mac, though) and I see no ad at the top, just a blank space.  I remember you discussing this before, but I forget whether you tried other browsers.  I like Chrome-- both on my home Mac and my work PC.

Cheers, Jen


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Breadcrumbs appear when. . . (post #69551, reply #6 of 11)

assibams: Breadcrumb navigation always appears at the top of the page and will only appear at the bottom of a page when the discussion moves on to a page 2. I have my settings set to show 10 comments per page, so when someone posts the 11th comment (or reply), the bottom breadcrumb kicks in.   

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Wouldn't it make sense to put (post #69551, reply #7 of 11)

Wouldn't it make sense to put breadcrumbs on the top and bottom regardless of the number of comments?

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I suppose (post #69551, reply #10 of 11)

I suppose the thinking is that if there's only one page of comments, the scrolling-down would be minimal and the top breadcrumb is easy enough to get to.

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Not Necessarily (post #69551, reply #11 of 11)

I guess that I disagree - they should always be on the top and bottom.  Having the UI change based upon conditions like whether it's the last page is always going to be confusing for the users.

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I wonder why you have ads on (post #69551, reply #8 of 11)

I wonder why you have ads on the top and bottom?  Mine is only on the bottom and it is always food related.  Weird.

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But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Sometimes I have ads at both (post #69551, reply #9 of 11)

Sometimes I have ads at both the top and bottom.  Sometimes just at one or the other.