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Any reason to keep calling this the "beta" version

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since it is obviously a done deal?  Just a bit of honesty?

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Sure (post #70381, reply #1 of 12)

Has nothing to do with honesty, nor is it there to vex you. I can remove it and we can move on. Not a problem.

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So does that mean that you're (post #70381, reply #2 of 12)

So does that mean that you're no longer going to attempt to fix the bug that posts show in the recent discussions list as "new" even though one has already read them? Taunton has decided that it's not worth the bother to make this function as designed?

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They just blew it (post #70381, reply #3 of 12)

I am sure this has now been written off as a lost cause.  We were the only ones who cared as it turned out.

There was such a vibrant forum for about 12 years.  What a shame.  I suppose nothing lasts forever.

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Making "New" Work (post #70381, reply #4 of 12)

Hi Kathy,

First, I'm sorry I couldn't get to your question right away.

No, our developers will do their darnedest to fix any and all bugs effecting functionality. If there’s a true bug and the team can duplicate it, it’ll be triaged. If you think of “New” as “New since my last login,” and you login fresh every visit, you’ll find that “new” updates reliably. Logging in fresh is the key. 


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So if I am understanding you (post #70381, reply #5 of 12)

So if I am understanding you correctly, I need to log in, then read the new messages in a thread, then log out, log in again to read the new messages in another thread, log out, log in again to find new messages in a third thread, and so on, logging out/in as many times as the number of threads I want to read?

That seems very cumbersome to say the least. I don't understand why you (your software developers) can't make it so if I read the new messages in a thread, then go back to the Recent Discussions bar, it would not show that that thread has new messages, unless someone added one while I was reading the earlier ones.

That's what I want to know if you're going to fix.


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Once again, ease of use of (post #70381, reply #6 of 12)

Once again, ease of use of the site strikes a foul ball. I have this bookmarked and can come already logged in. Oh, but wait, there's more. I have to log out to use the "easy to use way to see new messages to me". another good example of just not caring how people prefer to actually "USE" a site.

Oh, but it isn't a "bug" so probably won't be fixed. It is a real honest to goodness DESIGN.

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Understanding New (post #70381, reply #7 of 12)

Kathy, if that were true, it would be more than even I can bear! I’m definitely not suggesting you should log in and out over and over to read new posts. Let me clarify something about New, and we’ll go from there.

New works this way: When you come to CooksTalk and login in, the system sets that date and time as your login time. “New since last login” means that anything posted after that date and time is going to show up as New for you. If you logged in last on August 1st, everything posted since August 1st will be marked as New (that’s the last time you logged in).

This is really important for lots of people: Try not to think of New as “Read vs. Unread.” We don’t have that feature. The system compares your last login time to the date of the post; that’s the only way to determine New.

A typical session for me: I log in, I read what I want to read, I log out.

Some people stay logged in for long periods of time, without logging out (that’s probably even more typical than my logging out after a visit.)  If you stay logged in, you’ll see lots more marked New because you’ve been logged in for a long time.

Things will stay marked New in the Discussion Bar if they were posted after your last login date. It’s that login/post - date/time comparison at work.

Kathy, are we close to getting on the same page? I know this can be confusing. Don’t give up! Please let me know if you’re with me on New, whether you do what I do or something else. 

Almost forgot a P.S. to Gretchen: We do care!

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Well here's the thing, I (post #70381, reply #8 of 12)

Well here's the thing, I never seem to ever be logged out, even when I've turned off my computer and left home for a few days. I'm always logged in as far as I can tell.

So what I find most annoying is that right now I have to basically memorize how many posts are noted as new and who the last poster was, otherwise when I return to the discussion bar, the posts I just read will still be marked as new. But my memory is not great because it's too filled up with crazy details from work, so I end up opening messages and going, "oh I just read that." And then I leave because it's just too tedious trying to find out which posts are truly unread.

In other words, opening a new post does not clear it as having been read in the discussion bar, and if I'm understanding you correctly, that's never going to be fixed?

Because if that's the case I should just come here less often, maybe every three or six months, and read everything. And then forget about it for another 3 or 6 months.

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It may work like that on your (post #70381, reply #9 of 12)

It may work like that on your computer, but not on most others.

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It works as RDA describes it for me. (post #70381, reply #11 of 12)

I'm on a Mac, using the latest version of Safari. I do have NetShredX run automatically every time I close my browser (every day or two), and that empties my cache. Perhaps that is the difference???

Logging out after use doesn't seem burdensome to me. That's what I did before, the old platform wouldn't allow me to navigate away without signing back in. 

I have the forum set to read as a flat list, newest message first-so scrolling isn't an issue, either. 

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Okay. I logged in new--since (post #70381, reply #10 of 12)

Okay. I logged in new--since I can only log in on Mozilla and opened the cooking discussion for the thread "cooking the issue". I had 24 "NEW" trumpeted to me, since that is about the only active discussion between Pielove and Iseedocean.  Scrolled and scrolled and finally came to 2 or 3 new on the first page. Went to second page. HMMMMMMM  absolutely NO  "NEW" little red things for my supposedly "unread" messages.    Does THIS  possibley tell you what is wrong in our eyes with this forum?  In the past we have had discussions with 300 posts.  Please, do you understand?

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Obviously "new since you last (post #70381, reply #12 of 12)

Obviously "new since you last visit" is of no value unless you read every last thing that is new each time you log-in.


Besides the system, as I said, does not work like that anyway for those of us on IE.  If you go to recent discussions an click on say 2 new messages under "cooking Discussion", read them, then go to "baking and click on any new message there, you will find that the first new messages you read in "Cooking Discussion" are gone.  NO LOG OUT REQUIRED.