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What else? More cookbooks. . .

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I'm checking though the Zooba listings tonight to see if there is anything new I need to add to my list. . .

Anyone seen Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter yet?

How about Osteria by Rick Tramonto? Big Night In by Marchetti?

Trattoria Grappolo?

And Marie, I think you got The Spice Bible recently. What do you think of it? Are you enjoying Seventh Daughter?

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I bought Osteria by Tramonto and wished I hadn't! I think there was only one or two ideas worth keeping for me. I should have bought the "...figs" (can't remember the full title) book instead. If you really want the book, I will ship it to you!

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Thanks for the great offer, Roz, but I think I'll pass on it. I read more about it last night and I don't think I need that one. Ahh, so many books!

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Is it just me, or are there less great cookbooks being released this year?

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I'm not a good one to judge but at the moment I'm looking at Clatter of Forks and Spoons, Turquoise, Maggie's Harvest, Painter Cook- Art of the Cucina, Today's Special, Soup, Beaneaters and Bean Soup, Postcards From Portugal, Olenghi and Ministry of Flame.

Of course I'm also looking at Fat, cooking from Urban Italian and Platter of Figs plus some recent Canadian releases.

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Would Olenghi be Ottolenghi, chef-patron of the restaurant visited and enjoyed at LondonFest?

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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Sorry, yes. Mentioned it before but poor typing this time. Thanks .

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The Seventh Daughter was a fabulous read. I've never cooked anything from it, but it has nice-sounding recipes.

The Spice Bible was just okay. It was very interesting to read about all the spices, but about half of the suggestions were for braised chicken.

Didn't Glenys recently suggest a cookbook about flavors?

There's a new pizza book coming out in January. I've got it on my wish list at The Good Cook. (It is cheap, just over their limit to be credited as a selection, LOL.)

Do they sell those Alford tomes for $10? They've got a new one on obscure regions of China.

PS Every month, Gourmet selects a cookbook of the month. You will get great ideas there. :-)

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They don't have any of the Alford ones currently. I almost ordered their most recent one but it looks like it is sold out now. The Trotter book is a Gourmet Book Club book I believe.

Who is doing the pizza book?

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Here is the pizza book:

On general principles, I am not buying anything from the Good Cook unless it is something I want. But jeez, those people know how to wear you down w/ email. I may have to change my name after I buy my remaining choices.

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I still get mail and emails from them! They never forget you!

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no bargain is worth that amount of email.

Is Zooba any different?

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Initially, Zooba sent way too many emails. I've opted out of all of them, and get no correspondence. I just periodically update my list, and a book comes every month.
I much prefer dealing with them then the Good Cook, which made me insane.

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At least I got through to them to cancel my membership. I  don't have room for even one more book!

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Glenys had great things to say about The Flavor Bible.

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Just to add another into the works, Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper. I just picked it up at the library and am enjoying reading it, though I've yet to make anything. Are you familiar with it?

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That is a fabulous book, but I happen to know Heather has it [or I would have suggested it.) I made the best split pea soup from it on Sunday.

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Marie is right, I have it and have enjoyed many of the things I've cooked from it. I still don't like the design. Someone (Marie?) said it looked like a ransom note--so true.

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Someone here convinced me I must get this. Heather? Sally?
If you search, I think you'll get several threads.
I've made the ginger caramel shrimp and it was great.

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Dorcast: I tried the ginger carmel shrimp last night. We found it so salty, we had to pitch it out. I followed the recipe, so I know I didn't go salt crazy. I didn't rinse the shrimp from the brine as I thought that would remove all the chili. Did you rinse yours before sauteing? I could tell the flavor could have been good, but my heavens, the salt was overbearing!

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If I've managed to do this correctly, here is the link to a discussion about the recipe

I had left mine in the brine too long so they were a bit too salty and spicy, but definitely edible. I loved the flavors.
Sorry your dinner wasn't good!

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Thanks for the link! ...could it be I didn't wait long enough for the salt to dissolve? Would that have done it? Truly, it was overwhelming for us, but because so many liked it, I'm willing to try again, though it's an expensive loss if the saltiness repeats.

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I LOVED this dish; I didn't think it was too salty at all. For the life of me, I can't remember if I rinsed them off or not. I'm guessing patted dry but didn't rinse.

Any chance your shrimp was already salted?

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Another thought-did you use Kosher salt versus regular salt or sea salt? All vary in saltiness.

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I used kosher and 1/2'd the amount as I 1/2'd the recipe.

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Hmm, I'm perplexed as to why they tasted too salty.

Morton's Kosher salt is "saltier" than Diamond. Did your chile powder contain salt, perhaps?

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ML: What a sleuth you are! I looked at the bottle of chili powder and voila! Salt is included—and I have Morton's Kosher salt!

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Oh good, now you can try it again with less salt and a non-salted chili powder. Properly salted, it is a very tasty dish.

I can't remember the conversion between Morton's kosher salt and Diamond (or generic "Kosher salt") in a recipe-but it is significant. I used to used Morton's because I prefer the taste, but most recipes seem to be written for Diamond.

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Hmm, I've been using Morton's, but this could explain why so many recipes I've tried from FC seem way too salty. Think I'll try the Diamond brand now. Thanks for the tip!

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A quick google finds this conversion...

"1 cup table salt=1.5 cups Mortons=2 cups Diamond Crystal (DC)"


"Diamond Crystal is the benchmark for most US recipes, not Mortons (basically, unless Mortons is specified, assume DC is called for). If you are using Mortons, you need to use less.

2 units DC kosher is equivalent to 1 unit table salt.
1.5 units Mortons kosher is equivalent to 1 unit table salt."

IIRC, Glenys taught me this, and technically, it is not that one is "saltier", it is all about how densely the crystals do or don't compact into a measuring spoon.

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Wow that's amazing. Thanks for telling me. And it bears out what I have been learning through trial and error, when the recipe says two tsp, I use between 1 and 1.5 and it's plenty salty.

I'm going to get some Diamond this weekend!

I learn so much from you and the other pros here :-)