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Want to buy a wedding gift...

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and I'd like to have the BEST EVER cake making book out there.  I want to get a beautiful cake plate and a "everything tastes good" cake cookbook for her.  I looked through the T and T cookbook section looking for tips but beyond The Cake Bible, did not find what I wanted.  Can anyone help?  Maybe 2-3 choices?? Thanks so much.

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How about Susan Purdy -- The Perfect Cake.

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I second Susan Purdy.

What a terrific gift!

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Naturegirl, not sure where you are located...but FWIW, The Perfect Cake was at Tuesday Morning today for $8.99.

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naturegirl, nice to meet you!

I have also enjoyed Great Cakes by Carole Walter.  It offers a wonderful selection of recipes for all levels of baking ability.

I know you specified cakes, but Desserts by Nancy Silverton and A Passion for Desserts by Emily Luchetti are wonderful as well!


What a wonderful gift you are planning to give!


When the miseries strike and you're down in the dumps, food transformed by love and memory becomes therapy.

When the miseries strike and you're down in the dumps, food transformed by love and memory becomes therapy.

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I second/third Susan Purdy's and Carole Walter's books. They don't have many pics, in fact Susan Purdy's has none but the instructions are very good. I've never had any failures from these books.

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Of course I will chime in on the Purdy book - my very first cake book - love it. :-)

Carole Walters - a plus as well.

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I use The Cake Bible, Perfect Cake and Great Cakes regularly. For gift giving, I would choose Great Cakes. It has a more general appeal than The Cake Bible. There are fancy frosted cakes, but they aren't too frou-frou compared to the ones in The Cake Bible. I also prefer the many "everyday" cake recipes. The Perfect Cake is similar, but it's not as pretty due to the lack of pictures. In the end, it all really depends on the recipient's baking skills, experience, and cake preferences.