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Vincent Price's book

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A Treasury of Great Recipes, by Mary and Vincent Price - 1965

I've had this book for a loong time, and cooked very little from it.

Hubby almost never opens a cookbook, but a couple of days ago he grabbed that one, browsed through, and handed it to me: "would you make this one?"

it was the chicken curry plus baked saffron rice, from page 230

this is an interesting book in the sense that recipes are absolutely LOADED with fat. There was zero concern about it then. But, of course, one can easily adjust the recipe to a more healthy version

the curry, for instance - starts by sauteeing onions and garlic in 1/2 cup of oil or butter. One half of a cup. Talk about light! :-)

I followed the recipe, sauteeing the onion in 1 tablespoon of oil,thank ou very much

this was some tasty curry - contrary to some recipes that call for frying the pieces of chicken in oil and then adding cooking liquid, this one starts with the onion, adds some tomatoes, bay leaf - cooks for a while so that the tomatoes release liquid. To that liquid you add the chicken, cut into bite size pieces. All other spices for the curry are added, some water - the whole thing cooks for 40 minutes - just before serving coconut milk is added.

I loved the texture of the meat - and the fact that there is no splattering of fat all over the stove. I thought that skipping the searing of the meat would compromise the flavor, but it definitely did not.

the baked saffron rice worked like a charm - 400F - perfectly cooked rice, loose grains, nice bite.

This recipe was from a restaurant called Pierre Grill, in New YOrk. Of course, I have no idea if it still exists. It was associated with Pierre Hotel, which was founded in the 20's and had great reputation for good food, when Escoffier was brought from France to supervise the cuisine.

The book shows the printed menu of the restaurant - East Indian Beef Curry with condiments and tossed green salad: $ 3.50




It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

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I have that book. You may have solved my problem of what to cook tonight. :)

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LOL, I have one too.  I've had it since it first came out.  I was living in NYC at the time and ooked a lot of the recipes, including the chicken curry Sally made.  $245?  Wow.  Maybe I should consider selling it.

Oh dear, are you going to faint again?

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Oh, yes, whenever someone says they have it, it amazes me.


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Lots here...


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Thank you for finding it much cheaper-that's quite a savings.


That was not a very nice you did, showing us that site.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't know that THERE ARE COLLECTIBLE COOKBOOKS ON EBAY??? OMG, I already have a hard enough time resisting the NEW ones.

So, as long as we are on the subject, I want this one:

Someone on eGullet always raved about it. It has art by Dali in it!

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Sally makes Marie faint

now, that is a first!


are you ok????? here, have my smelling salts.... I have plenty



It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

(October 2007)

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I find it hysterically funny the way prices on out-of-print books escalate.  For a long time I had on my Amazon wish list a paperback bio of Freddie Mercury written by a long-term lover of his.  When it finally came time to order it, I discovered that the price (for a small paperback, mind you) was upwards of $145.  Er...not!


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I remember the Pierre Grill from the days when I lived in NYC.  It was very swanky.  The Pierre Hotel still exists (and is still very swanky), but the Grill is long gone.

I remember all of the NY restaurants in that book (which I've had since it was first published).  I take the book out from time to time and enjoy looking at the many recipes I made from it back then, but I get the biggest kick out of the menus and the PRICES!  It's hard to believe that these were some of the top restaurants in the country at the time. 

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I've had this book for years and have made a bunch of recipes. I adjust them as I see fit. Funny, the layout of the recipes (ingredients within the text) is very similar to Chez Jacques.

Here's another thread:
Vincent Price cookbook recipes

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I don't think the recipe is at odds with today's food as much as it's Indian.  The amount of fat, the meat not seared, that's the norm in most regional Indian cooking. 

I remember selling that book for $75 in our stores.