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Things Cooks Love

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Things Cooks Love (post #62934)

They now have this at Costco too.  I went yesterday and picked up Martha's Cookie Book and browsed through this one too, but did not purchase.

I think the price was 21.95


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I know there was another thread about this book, but darned if I can find it...

I saw this book in SLT today. It is fabulous. Am saving ordering it for a special occasion read.

Found it:

PS You can search inside at amazon too.

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It is at Costco.


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But not in Canada. Unless it just came in. I looked at it and liked it. i have an old cookbook that has a similar approach.


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Thanks Mary Louise, I did peruse it at Costco.  I am not sure if I am loving it enough to buy it.


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It arrived yesterday. It is a very nice read! I'm a big fan of beautifully photographed cookbooks, and since this one focuses on cookware, I'm in heaven.

You can search in amazon, but I'll give you a quick example of how it is arranged...

The Italian Kitchen chapter

First, four pages called The Italian pantry

Then, a discussion of these items, followed by recipes that use them:

Pasta machine
Pizza stone and peel
Risotto pan

The recipes look good but I think I will mostly just enjoy reading about some of these more esoteric cookware items.

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You will become our wikipedia. Is a cataplana listed in there? Recipe?


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Yes, Cataplana is in the Iberian Kitchen section. There are recipes for Clam, Pork, Sausage and Bacon Stew and Baby Back Ribs w/ Cannellini Beans. Other entries in this section include Cazuela and Paella Pan.

There is also a heading titled "Alternatives" for each item, so yes, I can be the resident Wikipedia advisor. For a Cataplana, "a Dutch oven or braiser w/ a tight-fitting lid is a successful stand-in."

But I really think a lot of you would enjoy reading this book...

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  Marie told me that she was going to be writing this book about two years ago while we were making crackers in the Copia kitchen.  SurLaTable had commissioned her and they were working on the details.  Sometime later I heard her on Dining Around one Saturday talking about it.  How fun to see it in print!

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I think I spotted a cracker recipe in there (under pasta machine.)

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  We were doing parmesan cheddar crackers for a wine tasting table that day.  Just like crack...
   The pasta rollers are great for crackers. Tuck's come to mind right away.