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A Table in the Tarn

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This is a very charming book, part A Year in Provence (but obviously not there) from a former BBC GoodFood editor. The recipes are lovely, the small read is great and it's so much more timely than many of the books like AYiP. Brits have pretty taken on a retaliatory attitude when it comes to inhabiting France, and this generation has entirely different style.
Anyway, I'm going to post the recipe for "le gateau", which is actually a savoury quickbread made with lardons, olives and Roblechon pieces folded into the batter. We were short-shipped on copies so I'll post the recipe when I get my book replaced.
The fennel soup with chvre was excellent, as was the raspberry almond streusel tart.

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The savoury quickbread sounds fabulous, as does the soup now that I have found I love fennel.

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