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In the Sweet Kitchen...

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Some of you may be interested in this cookbook, I just ordered mine.

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We bought it for the school. Great book.

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It's wonderful. Got it for my birthday. Can't understand how Regan Daley could test all those recipes and stay so slim--also can't figure out how she had time to write it, since the author write-up mentions she has twin boys. Yikes!

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It's a nice mix of classics with a twist and a modern approach in flavour stylings. I thought the flavour pairing chart is helpful for anyone dabbling in personalizing a recipe by experimentation.
" Most desserts have one or two predominant flavours, and some have additional elements that play supporting roles. Don't complicate the final dessert with too many flavours, or the result will be signifigantly less than the sum of it's parts."
Good advice. The one comment I'd make is take the title to heart; the book is manual for those who love being in sweet kitchen and creating desserts, it's not a 700 page book of recipes.

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Just got mine...thought the shortbread recipes with the ginger in it and coated sides of white chocolate sounded divine!! Thanks Glenys for your remark, since it is not all recipes and that does need to be understood by people before ordering it.

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ah - I will buy it, then. Thanks for the review!