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SP Corn Chowder

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SP Corn Chowder (post #62654)

Lately I have been doing most of my cooking from Fine Cooking but for some reason this past week-end, I pulled out my copy of the New Basics and started thumbing through.  I settled on the corn chowder and made it for my family.  I know opinion on that book and its recipes is divided, but my family loved that soup.  And it was just as good as left-overs the following night.  I don't know if anyone else here has tried it but I'd be interested in hearing if others liked it.  I love the Roasted Winter Squash soup from that cookbook as well.

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The squash soup is one of our favorites, but I've never tried the corn chowder.  I made corn soup from the Chez Panisse cookbook all summer.  No cream, yet very creamy, and it tastes like pure, liquid sweet corn.

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Thanks for responding.  I have the Chez Pannisse cookbook and I'll give that recipe a try -- I have been a bit intimidated about trying to cook from that book although I couldn't tell you why.

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I love that corn chowder. SP also did a carrot soup that was delish, but I don't think it was in the New Basics.

And pizza pot pie! I think they are both in the original cookbook. Ironic, isn't it, that was once "gourmet" has become comfort food?


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Thanks so much for the tip on the carrot soup and pizza pot pie -- I actually have all three cookbooks but only ever really use the New Basics.  I make the split pea soup very often in the winter -- even when my kids were very small they loved it and asked to have "green soup again tonight" -- and my Italian mother-in-law always requests the minestrone from the New Basics when she comes to visit.

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