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Some books for sale

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Some books for sale (post #71306)

Hi everyone...been gone for some time and hoping everyone here is well...was not sure the best place to post this so taking a chance here :)

I thought to let anyone in the toronto area know I have some cookbooks for sale. I live in the North end but would meet if anyone is interested in any of them-more to come when I get over the anxiety of parting with them...LOL

Bernard Clayton's complete book of breads soups and stews

comfort me with apples-ruth reichl

Second helpings from the union square cafe

Pike Place cookbook

Laura Secord cookbook

Le Cordon Bleu Tarts and Pastries

make me an offer :) 

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to the Moms here:)!!!

I can't even afford the lifestyle I don't want...