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Salad Cookbook

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Salad Cookbook (post #62958)

Recently we found a cookbook dedicated to eggs, by Michelle Roux... an excellent book!

Now we are looking for a cookbook dedicated to salads. Does anybody have any suggestions? We have found many excellent salads in Fine Cooking that we make on a regular basis.

I'm sure there are some readers here who have extensive collections and meaningful opinions!

Regards, Charlie

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Terrific about the weight and the apt!

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So now I have this on order at my local bookstore, should be in later next week. But I think I hold Heather responsible for this enabling, with an assist from you (and Jean).

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You'll love it! If you don't, then it was all Marie's idea. ;-)

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The credit is all yours. Chances are I would have skipped this book, thinking I was a little past needing a cookbook to tell me how to assemble a salad. Boy, am I glad you casually showed it to me at your house-I am making some great new salads!

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It's the casual approach that works so well ;-)

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I learned it from Marie-Louise. ;-)

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Hi Marie Louise,

We just got our copy of this cookbook. I want to thank you for your recommendation. It's everything I was hoping for. We are anxious to start trying out some of these salads. Up until now, it seemed to me that the salad dressings that most chefs made were somewhat haphazard. Now I have something that I can refer to.

Thanks again!


PS. Thanks for correcting my spelling of Michel Roux.

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And thank you for starting this thread-we convinced a bunch of people to buy it! Feel free to post about the things you try under the thread in Cooks Talk Projects.

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Umm, that would be Michel Roux, a charming gentleman and a great chef.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.