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Rose's Christmas Cookies by RLB

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If you can only own one cookie book, this should be it. It's not just for Christmas, either. Excellent book, well written, measurements are in volume and in weight for those of us who like to weigh ingredients; directions are for hand, mixer, or food processor, and she also gives those all important storage and shipping tips. Also, most importantly, her recipes turn out like they are supposed to.

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You will find everything in this book from old favorites (stained glass cookies, rugelach, and Moravian Spice Cookies) to new favorites (David's Dreambars and Mrs. Kings Irresistables).

My favorites:

Mrs. Kings Irresistables
Davids Dreambars
Lions Paws (fun to make with kids)
Mexican Wedding Cakes
Black & Whites
Three Nut Fingers
Maple Macadamia Nut Bars
Lemon Butter Bars

There's even a recipe for dog biscuits! And the most ambitious gingerbread "house" I've ever seen. Someday I'm going to give that thing a try - a replica of Notre Dame!