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Recommendation.... (post #62994)

for an Ice Cream Cookbook...I  am looking for one on making ice cream.


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I've never made ice cream, but I've heard great things about David Leibowitz's The Perfect Scoop.

He had a nice blog

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Ben and Jerry's have one I used long ago and far away-although David Leibovitz is a fine author!

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I second the recommendation for The Perfect Scoop. I have this book and have made some of the recipes (although not lately--too cold). The raspberry ice cream is to die for.

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Third for the Perfect Scoop.

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Another for Perfect Scoop.

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Thanks to all of you, I purchased Perfect Scoop today.


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While looking around on his blog, I thought of you. Here's one of his recipes to tide you over until your book comes-Milk Chocolate & Black Pepper Ice Cream, made w/ creme fraiche.

Too bad I don't eat much ice cream; this recipe would be enough to inspire me to buy an ice cream maker and his book.

Here's another one: Coconut w/ Saffron...

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Thansk so much, I will eat your share.....


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Thank you to all who recommended The Perfect Scoop to bwf17. I ordered it online, sight unseen because of your recommendations. It arrived yesterday. WOW. We are going to have some wonderful cold treats this summer. My soon to be enlarged bottom thanks you. ;-)


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It was a great recommendation....I am loving it, but my hips are not.....