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Please, opinions about David Burke ?

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Is there a consensus on David Burke’s food?  Good chef or  not so good? 


His New American Classics has arrived from Zooba last night.  I got it because a French chef, whose opinion I respect, insists that American food is excellent, but does not get the worldwide recognition it deserves, because “the majority” of American chefs try to be something else: Fusion, Asian, French, Italian, etc.


So I got a book by a chef who cooks American food. (LOL.)


I am definitely turned off by the subtitle: BRILLIANT VARIATIONS ON TRADISHIONAL DISHES…etc.  I would have preferred this opinion was printed on the back jacket with an attribution. 


I am totally not interested in his diet sprays (Does anybody  on CT use them?) and other commercial gimmicks.


He seems to be a lot more commercial than all other chefs whose books I own.  He advertises his products throughout the book.  He starts his recipe for Smoked Salmon Lollipops by saying that these lollipops as well as savory foie gras and goat cheese pops are available in specialty food stores across the country.  Then he says : “If you want to make these at home…. and gives the recipe.  (Dahhh!  Of course, I want to make the lollipops, why would I buy the book if I did not?)


Basically all recipes come in triplicates: a classic recipe "with his own stamp on it," a contemporary recipe and a recipe for leftovers presumably of either dish.  For example:


  1. Classic: Roast Chicken Farmhouse style with Potatoes, Mushrooms, Bacon, Onions and  Apple Cider Gravy.

  2. Contemporary:  Seawater soaked Chicken with Thyme and Poppy Seed Gnocchi

  3. Second Day Dish: Chicken-Potato Pancakes with Apple-Sour Cream Sauce.


Another example:


  1. Classic: Smoked Salmon, etc…

  2. Contemporary:  Pastrami Salmon & Potato Pancakes, Honey Mustard Vinaigrette and  Apple Salad.

  3. Second Day Dish: Smoked Salmon Lollipops.


I like his choices, although some of them are too stretched out.


I love that he does not follow the current trend and does not limit his recipes to one page, but uses as much space as he needs to.


I love some of his food combinations and play on old familiar dishes: Meatloaf Bundt Cake, Macaroni and Cheese Tartlette with Mushroom and Truffle Oil and so on…









So much to cook; so little time.


So much to cook; so little time.