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NY Times reviews new cookbooks

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In today's NY Times, several cookbooks from great chefs are reviewed. Make you holiday list now. You want them, you need them, etc.

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Yah. I've been eyeing that Tanis book, A Platter of Figs or something like that, for a few weeks now.

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Thanks, Gary, I already have my eye on one, or two...

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Good article. Got a few of them and will be taking a seminar on sous vide next month which will feature Keller's book. Looking forward to that.




Better life through Zoodles and poutine...
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If I had a choice between sous vide and a cute sous chef, I'd take the latter any day.

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Better life through Zoodles and poutine...

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What a wonderful writer. I chuckled through the entire article. Thanks.

Oh, and BTW, did you happen to catch this? As long as I can get online, I'll never need to buy another Cookie cookbook!

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Having the books at the shop, I can attest to the breadth of technique and style in that stack of books. I've been reading and cooking from A Platter of Figs and it's relaxing and enjoyable. It's also probably one of the few books I've cooked from that I didn't have to up the flavour package to get a properly seasoned dish.

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See, now it is starting again.  I'm starting to want this book and I'm not good at waiting.  You people are dangerous.  Thanks Gary. ;)

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