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New Way to Cook

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New Way to Cook (post #62650)

Got this book last week - for a bargain... I think I paid 8 bucks for it

I had no idea it was thick as a bible - amazing! Seems pretty interesting, I want to try something ASAP

Any suggestions from those who have it?

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I love this book.  Try her roast chicken.  It's my default recipe.

Also the Tuscan Salt (I think that's it...maybe Tuscan Herbs) - delicious on roast pork.

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  The french green beans though thats not the name in the book.  The potato gratin.  The roast chicken.  The flavor pastes. 

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Anyone tried her roasted shrimp on rock salt? Simplicity in itself.... would be a nice appetizer. You place shrimp on top of coarse salt previously heated in a 400F oven - cook a few minutes, peel (of course) and eat

I might make it soon

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  I've not made that, but it does sound good. I've made a lot of stuff from that book, but I never remember what came from what book without sitting down to look at it.  The green beans, gratin, and chicken are particular favorites.

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The roasted duck is absolute perfection. We make it far too often.

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Will put that one on top of my list - thanks!

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Her macaroni & cheese is great... only 7 ounces of cheese for the whole dish! Yum.

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The one I want to make is the cod with miso sauce. Sounds like Nobu.


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Open it up to a page and see if you have the ingredients! It is huge isn't it! Seriously that is what I do as I haven't read through it all. Anyway, the Corn Soup with Chiles, Lime, and Cilantro Cream is something I've made a variation of and it is wonderful and perfect for corn season.

Warm Potato Salad with Olives, Lemon Zest, and Thyme is another I've made a rendition of. Also excellent and it is even better leftover and cold.

The pale type and weight is what has kept me from reading it like a novel.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa
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 I just scanned through the book and have to add the pumpkin seed sauce,  chocolate malted pudding, the white peaches in raspberry sauce, and the corn soup with chile lime mentioned before.  The Moroccan spice paste was the paste I had in was very good, as well.

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So far I browsed through the pasta section - still have a long ways to go

Of course, with the wireless connection just installed, I am probably gonna spend the night having fun in the net... .he, he, he....

I gotta find the duck recipe, haven t made duck in ages, I think the last time was the duck confit for Christmas 2004 (shame on me!)

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I really love this book.  What a great deal!!  I bought mine the same time I bought Judy Roger's Zuni Cafe cookbook, and I love it too.  I take either of them with me when we are driving somewhere and read while DH is driving.  It gives me something wonderful to read when I'm waiting for an appt. or something.   You will enjoy it,  I think.