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New Dessert book

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New Dessert book (post #62870)

Just to tempt you all--I got an Amazon notice about Indulge. Here's the blurb--

Claire Clark is the pastry chef at The French Laundry (Napa Valley in California), one of America's most renowned restaurants. Its innovative and creative menus always deliver the highest standards of quality and great taste. Its celebrated desserts, made by Clark, are nothing short of remarkable.

Indulge is a collection of Claire Clark's favorites dishes that any home chef can re-create. Perfectly decadent, the recipes in this new cookbook range from the deceptively simple to the more exotic. Included are cookies, cakes, pastries, mousses, ices, meringues, custards and creams, and more. Clark's down-to-earth writing style demystifies such sumptuous sweets as:

Red wine and chocolate cake
Bitter chocolate, praline brûlée and espresso torte
Orange and pistachio semolina cake
Fig and blueberry and créme fraîche tart
Rich chocolate ganache tart with salted caramel and candied peanuts
Tropical fruit Pavlova
Mango, ginger and lime sorbet.
Along with the recipes there are valuable tips and techniques learned during Claire Clark's 20 years as a pastry chef in world famous restaurants.

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must resist

Pumpkin the Gargoyle dog is also Pumpkin the Small Mammal Terrorist. After the poor trapped chipmunk/ground squirrel was released from its smooshed drainpipe prison and was trying to catch its breath & bearings, Pumpkin was spotted playing catch & toss w/the benighted thing.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with parsley sauce, goat cheese garlic mashed potatoes, Galena Cellars Niagra grape wine & Pie Boss's apple crumble topped with Ruth & Phil's sour cream/cinnamon ice cream.

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  Claire did a demonstration at Death by Chocolate at Copia today.  What a delightful presentor.   
  She did a tasting of three desserts for the class.  Presented beautifully.  A black forest trifle, a chocolate raspberry tartlette, and a lemon custard.  She talked about her choice to become a pastry chef, how she came to Yountville, how expensive cake mixes are, and gave some great tips.
  One tip that surprised me was to use plastic wrap to blindbake. I'd have thought that it would melt.  Another was to cut away excess dough for a tart at an angle stating that it helps decrease the shrinkage factor. 
  It was a good program and chocolate for days. Demonstrations from Gary Guittard, the pastry chef from Julia's kitchen, Ed, early morning Fox news guy. Great place to be on a rainy day.

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Oh, sounds like a delicious day! Thanks for sharing.
About the blind bake--weights on top of the plastic? I've gotten nervous about heat + plastic + food though.

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Indeed, plastic on top of the dough, filled with beans or whatever, and then folded over the top.  I was curious as well and hopefully there will be something in her book about this...otherwise, I'll drop her an email. 

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Remember that you are baking the pie crust until it is barely done. This will be a temperature of about 200 degrees F. Not hot enough to melt the plastic. Plastic will melt if left in contact with very hot food that can transfer a lot of heat. Here is one manufacturer's blurb.

GLAD Cling Wrap is not heated by microwave energy, but it will become heated by contact with extremely hot foods. Normally, foods in a microwave oven do not become hot enough to bring the wrap to its melting point. However, certain foods with high fat content (such as butter or bacon) or with high sugar content can become very hot in a microwave oven and should not come in contact with our wrap. If you wish to use our wrap when heating such foods, we recommend that at least an inch of air space be left between the food and the wrap covering the dish.

The people who gave us golf and called it a game are the same people who gave us bag pipes and called it music and haggis and called it food.

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One tip that surprised me was to use plastic wrap to blindbake.

in France, we used plastic wrap for all sorts of things that would probably horrify Americans. It doesn't melt, it sort of shrinks.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay