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New Additions (post #62969)

I recently bought Sunday Soup, by Betty Rosbottom.  It's an inexpensive paperback compendium of 60 recipes broken down by season.  I have a bunch of recipes flagged and have made 2 soups so far. We had Scallop and Corn Chowder last week with the last of the season's fresh corn and, since I had several week-old tomatoes to use up, I made Tomato and Fennel soup for tonight.  Both are delicious.  Among the other tempting Fall recipes are Sweet Potato Soup with Orange Creme Fraiche; Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Walnuts and Rosemary; Apple Soup with Crumbled Roquefort and Bacon; Fall Brodo with Acorn Squash, Swish Chard, and Bacon; Fabulous Fall Roots Soup; and Creamy Stilton Soup with Sauteed Pears, which is based on a puree of potatoes and vegetables. 

I also bought Cucina Napoletana, by Arturo Legno.  I'm going to make my first recipe from it tonight, linguini with mushrooms, prosciutto and shrimp in a sauce made with evoo, garlic, white wine, Cognac, veg stock, and a little cream.  Most of the recipes are simple and straightforward and the photos make me drool.   

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Ooooh can you please post the scallops and corn chowder recipe (if you have the time)?

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Will do later.  It's good.

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That's my delete.  I typed it, but for some reason the first words on each line didn't show.  I found it on this web site.


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Thanks so much Lee, will try to make this next weekend!

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I hope you enjoy it!