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Looking for a cookbook for shower gift

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Apparently the young woman who is to marry my nephew does not cook. At all. Though she does bake some. And he has a cooking repertoire of approximately three things. I don't think either of them are very adventurous about food.

I'm hoping to find a cookbook that is basic, friendly, explains ingredients and processes, has simple, tasty recipes, and does not patronize.

Does such a thing exist? Any suggestions? I mean, the poor things have to eat, right?

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Thanks I will check it out.


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Peterson's book looks terrific. I think I'll order it for myself!

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Ooh, that does look nice.

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I ordered the Peterson book from Amazon. It was a good price and qualifies for free shipping. I can't wait to get it!

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Just bought the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook as a shower present. I was impressed with the information and easy to read and use format. I gave my son and his wife Julia Child's French Chef when they married. Sons still cook, wives never, but neither does my daughter. Haven't figured out where I went wrong. :-)

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The cooking gene skips a generation!

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