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Knife Skills Illustrated/Peter Hertzman

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Fabulous book for beginners, I wish I had it when I started to cook, but a bit disappointing for those of us who have "some"  knife skills and would like to improve.  

I looked at ithe book as I was drinking my venti Iced Americano in my bookstore and decided that there is no need to order it for moi from Zooba even for $9.95. 

From perusing the book I learned  two things: celery tastes better when peeled and that there are three ways to dice an onion, I only knew of two.

I think the book is a bit overpriced, it is 30 bucks, but it has no photographs, just smallish black and white drawings.  Most of the book is devoted to vegetables and fruit, and a small section is about cutting poultry, fish and meat. There is one chapter about carving meat and poultry.  The book has about 250 pages,  half is devoted to cutting with right hand, and another half with left hand.  Since I am not ambidextrous, half of the book is wasted on me.

This is one book that should have been published on DVD with real tips on how to improve knife skills. oh bal


So much to cook; so little time.


So much to cook; so little time.

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Peter used to post here on occasion and has a very nice web site. 

Ah, yes, he used to post under the name bouland. That's it.

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