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King Arthur cookbooks

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I'm wondering what the bakers out there think of these cookbooks.  My sister has been doing a lot of baking lately and I'd like to get her a baking book for her b-day.  Not so much bread, but cakes, quick breads, that sort of thing.

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I don't have their latest book, but I have their anniversary issue that I love. I used it every week when the kids were little.  Bal


So much to cook; so little time.


So much to cook; so little time.

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I have all three, I absolutely love the bakers companion and the cookie companion.  For all round baking I would suggest the bakers companion because it has variety.  The cookie one is good but focuses on cookies.  I like the anniversary edition but find the bakers has more in it.  Also another great baking cookbook is Baking Illustrated, I love the fact that they tell you all the different techiniques they tried, what worked and didn't work and why.

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I also really like the cookie companion...the one thing you have to watch out for is that they never mention softening the butter that you invariably are creaming with sugar. Otherwise I found that all the recipes I tried worked fine.

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And to add.....I like Baking Illustrated even better.

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I have the anniversary book and the baking book and would suggest the baking book for your sister. They are rather basic but quite good, IMO.

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This won't be in time for your sister's birthday, but I hear that they have a new one of whole grain baking coming out soon.