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John Besh

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No fair, he is one of my favorites when on the FN.  I so wanted him to win the Next Iron Chef when he competed in the final against Michael Simon.  I like his personality so much more and his cooking style.


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Symon is annoying!!  I'm ducking from the Clevelanders.  He has been on a lot of other shows more than Iron Chef.


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Yes I agree, I don't even like him on the Best Thing I Ever Ate....and I am glad they too him off Dinner IMpossible.


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I thought Besh should have won too.  I don't find Symon annoying, but I think Besh has greater range and is the better chef.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more cookbooks sight unseen, although a couple of charities that I'm involved with won't be happy if I stop donating my rejects to the annual fundraisers.  I'll look through Besh's book next time I'm at the bookstore.

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I will too and let me know what you think. 


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Have you seen his book yet....the reviews sound good.


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Saw it at Costco the other day.  Was tempted, but I already have about a gazillion cookbooks.  Well, I did buy the one on grits, so I can be tempted.

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They have one of his oyster dishes in the new FN magazine and one of Jamie Oliver's too from his new one.  I will definitely try Jamies.....


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No, I looked for it the last time I was at Borders, but they didn't have it yet.  There was an article about him and the cookbook that I read recently.  Apparently, it's a big volume. 

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I will look at Costco and Barnes & Noble tomorrow.


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I will probably be at Costco over the weekend and will look for it there.  If they don;t have it, I'm sure Borders will have it by now.  I'll be near a Borders on Monday.

I ordered Ad Hoc At Home from Jessica's today.  I haven't seen it, but it sounds like it is a more useful book than Keller's other two.  I also ordered From Tapas To Meze, which was discussed here not long ago.  I like Joanne Weir's books. 

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I am tempted to get My Bread....from the No Knead Bread man.  I will look too.


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Other than the no-knead bread I made when it first hit the foodie world, I haven't made bread in years; too many good artisan bakeries nearby to fuss with it.  As a result, I'm not tempted by bread books.  Thank goodness for small favors.  ;^)  

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Her, In the City is very good.


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Yes, I like that one, but I use her Recipes From The Wine Country and More Recipes from the Wine Country more often.  I also have You Say Tomato, which I believe I got as a free book from Jessica's.  It's a smallish book, but there are lots of good recipes in it.

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I sat down and looked at it page for page the other day at the book store.  I didn't buy it because it is so much like a hundred other New Orleans cookbooks around.

With slight differences.....It does have some great photographs.  Go to, and click on the food section.  They reviewed the book and posted a few of the recipes....



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I'll do that.  Thank you!

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I absolutely love My Bread....John Besh's book has far too many ingredients I could not find, but the book is truly a coffee table book...just beautiful...not sure I will keep it though since I bought it at Borders.