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Italian (post #62649)

I'm sure this topic has been covered at some time, but I can't find it.  Do you have any recommendations for cookbooks on Italian regional cuisine?  I don't mean just one region/book, but a book that covers various regions in the country.


Harebrained lagomorph, prestidigitations exist for pre-adolescents.


Harebrained lagomorph, prestidigitations exist for pre-adolescents.

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I like Rao's....the italian restaurant in New York.  All of Ina Garten's are good.


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Rao's is really Italian American, maybe even NYC Italian American so I wouldn't put it in the regions of Italy class.

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    Lynn Rosetto Kaspers "Splendid Table".


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An outstanding book and I think THE book on Emilia-Romagna. Certainly see the wealth of food from this region- Parmigiano-Reggiano, balsamico, prosciutto di Parma,carnaroli. Hard to say what's an all encompassing book.

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Try Biba Caggiano's Trattoria Cooking. I've made several recipes out of it and they are delicious. She presents trattoria recipes from across Italy that range from incredibly easy weeknight meals to over the top productions.

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You're right, Biba is a great lady. I'm inclined to go back to the kitchens of the Italian countryside for more learning at the stove.
I think the Silver Spoon book isn't as warm as it needs to be. I'd recommend Biba, LRK, Marcella, Giuliani, as great messengers.

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Karen recommended Lynne Kasper's "The Splendid Table", a great book. I also love another one of her books, "The Italian Country Table", which contains recipes from all over Italy prefaced by a lot of fascinating background info about each dish and the region it comes from. You can't go wrong with her recipes.