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Ice Cream and Iced Desserts by Joanna...

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The following is a quote from Glenys in another thread and I thought it belonged here especially coming from her. So here goes:

"It's a British book called Ice Cream and Iced Desserts by Joanna Farrow and Sara Lewis (Lorenz Books from Anness Printing, London). It has over 150 recipes for all styles of gelati, sorbet, granitas and sections on herb, spice and flower ices, bombes and terrines, cream-free and low fat ices.... the list goes on. It's distributed in Canada by a local supplier and I purchased it at my usual haunt Books to Cooks. I tried to find the ISBN number but it wasn't evident. Great photos, modern presentations and combinations- just a great book. "

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Thanks Seema. One note about the photos in the book, many are "real" in size (like some of the photos in Alfred Portale's
b Gotham)
and some are slightly oversized, so you can see the luscious detail of the ingredients. There's lots of notes on garnishes and plating details as well.