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Guess what I got?

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Generally speaking, I don't keep cookbooks around that I don't cook out of.  If I have tried things out of it, and they don't work or I just don't care for the book, it eventually leaves my house (the Pie & Pastry Bible, for example, is leaving his week).

BUT - I do seem to have a fondness for very very old editions of classic cooking tomes - Elizabeth David's English Bread and Yeast Cookery, old Williamsburg cookbooks, a really old Texas Cookery (which has still got fabulous BBQ recipes), Vincent Prices cookbook, and several others.  I love these old books - they are still relevant as historical perspectives and still have good information.

ANYWAY - I was having a yard sale this week to get rid of most of Max's things, and a friend of mine showed up and offered to trade me something SHE had just found for a pair of Max's Kamik snow boots. 

It was - is - 1961 edition of the First American Edition (translated from the French) of the Larousse Gastronomique!!!!

It is in PRISTINE condition - it doesn't look like it has been opened.  I LOVE IT!!!  I'm so enjoying reading through it. 

If anyone ever wants to know how to cook skate 6 different ways, or what a pipkin is, please let me know (G).

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Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 5 couples used to get together for a themed meal - usually a specific country and years ago (maybe 20?) we cooked a meal from this book.

Larousse Traditional French CookingNobody knew what creme fraiche was and we enjoyed curdled sauce. Oh, well, as I recall it tasted good anyway.  BTW, this book is available from Amazon sellers for less than one dollar, on up...

I vaguely remember my recipe was a custard or  pudding of some kind with ??poached pears. I remember thinking at the time that it would have been lots easier with instant pudding and canned fruit.  LOL.

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Congratulations. I had a version from the 1980's that I enjoyed reading very much. My local fish store does sell skate. We tried to cook it once but didn't do a very good job.