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Anyone knows if this book has anything to do with the previous huge bible written a few years ago by Ruth?

(I have that book and love it)



American Citizen, with a tropical twist...

(May 29th, 2009)

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I browsed through this yesterday at Costco. It's under $30 (Cdn), and it reminded me of Bittman's books in terms of layout and coverage. It doesn't have the yellow type this time LOL.

It wouldn't be at the top of my list but I'm thinking it would be a great Christmas gift suggestion (for me) from anyone who asks :)

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I looked at it at Costco and left it there as well. The green type is very welcome after the yellow that Noone can see! it looks good but there is no pornograghy and how many books of 1000 recipes do I need?????? But as you say, it would make a nice gift.


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there is no pornograghy >

Ah, see that is where we differ. I'm not looking for pornography in my cookbooks! I suspect that you could find that on the Internet, not at Costco. LOL.

Thanks for the laugh first thing Monday morning.

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Food porn.... you know the photos that convince you that you just have to make THAT dish, and no other!


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Sure, sure... :)

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Reichl just said that the pale yellow print was only in the first edition of the last cookbook. If you send your book to Gourmet, they will send you a later edition with more readable text.

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Really? I will look in the cookbook to see if there is an address. It drives me so crazy, i never use the book.

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If you don't find an address, I would email Gourmet and ask where they want you to send the book. Tell them you heard it from Ruth Reichl in an interview with Michael Krasny on KQED.

From what she said, Gourmet is very responsive to emails. One woman had lost a recipe from a 70's Gourmet and she told her to email and they would send it to her.

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You don't even have to send back the book. I went to and looked for the "Contact Us" link. Contact the editors and let them know you have the book with the yellow titles. I sent an e-mail last night, and this was the response I got this morning:

"Hi: We received your email and would like to send you a new edition of The Gourmet Cookbook to replace yours. Please send me your address and I’ll put a book in the mail.

Gourmet Books"

How's that for customer service! Thanks to Heather for mentioning this!

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You're welcome! I forgot to add the link to the interview--

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It's great for customer service. It also says a LOT about graphic designers and being in touch with the public who buys the product!!  And probably "squeaky wheels"!!  ;o)


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I didn't mind the yellow type so much when I first got it, although it was irritating. Got the book out last week and couldn't see a thing! So I think I will write. Doubt they will be so keen to send to Canada. The new book has nice green type that is very legible.


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Thank you so much for doing this. I am sure it is a good resource but I can't read it even with my glasses.It will be like getting a new cookbook.Not that I need any of those...

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You're welcome, but I didn't do anything......


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I am just amazed!!! I e-mailed Gourmet late Wednesday night about the book, and I got a replacement today (Friday). Wow! And it is much better - yay!

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I was wondering about the new book too, since I have the older book. I was wondering if there is a lot of overlap in recipes.

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I'm listening to an interview with RR at the moment. She says all the recipes are new, it's a response to the growing availability of ethnic and other ingredients at supermarkets all over the country. Many of the recipes are quick to make.

The interviewer asked if she had made all the recipes, she said she had made almost all of them and gave some of her favorites: the "best" lasagna, puréed watercress, quick spiced chicken, bacon & cheddar toasts, South Indian curry, the "best ever" raspberry tart.

This interview is on the SF NPR station. I can add a link when it is posted online later today.

Oh, she just got a goofy Bay Area comment from a listener--he told her that people should only be eating raw food, no milk, no food grown from Monsanto seed, no meat. Just when you think those people have disappeared they pop back up. LOL