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Good Sale Books at Jessica's

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FYI, Jessica's has some good cookbooks at great sale prices.  I ordered Bruce Aidell's Complete Book of Pork ($12.98); Paula Wolfert's Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean ($14.98); and Richard Olney's Provencal Table The Exuberant Food and Wine From The Domaine Tempier Vineyard ($7.98).

Some of the others I spotted, but already have, are Maria Sinskey's Vineyard Table, a wonderful book and one of my favorites, at $12.98; Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Simple To Spectacular at $14.98; Joanne Weir's You Say Tomato at $7.98; and More Cooking From The Wine Country at $12.98.

Gotta start the year off right! 

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There are many treasures in their closeout section. I bought Simple to Spectacular a few months ago, along w/ Molly Steven's One Potato, Two Potato and a Diane Worthington book.

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Yeah, I finally caved and got Chez Jacques--and several others for DD.