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The Good Cookbook Club--French books

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A month or so ago I got an e-mail flyer advertising shipping for $1.99--close enough to free for me. I needed to finish my obligation so got a really pretty nice Thai book--Quick and Easy Thai. Took it to the beach and my daughter has appropriated it.

But I digress.  It seems like that special is still on for any of you who are still members.  I thought it was just a few books but it seems it is all

NOW--who wanted a French cookbook.  If you click browse and click on "French" there is a nice list of current French cookbooks.  And they have reviews, which is helpful.    I think I am going to have to have Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles book, even though I cannot stand him--and one review warns about that.  And Paula Wolfert has reissued her Southwest France book.

This may be a 2 day offer PLUS you get 10% off of the entire order.  Christmas shopping?


Edited 10/4/2005 11:23 am ET by Gretchen