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Fine Cooking Annual

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I just received my Fine Cooking Annual.  What a beautiful book!  Got it at Amazon, $13.99 including shipping, brand new.

The recipes and tips are fantastic and definitely doable!

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Dilly, I've been thinking of buying this book as well. Is it simply a bound version of the year's magazines, or is it just the articles (recipes, etc.)?


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Hi, 1RIVER9, and welcome to CT.  This has been discussed quite a bit.  The FC annual is a collection of recipes published that year, including some from previous years which were published in special editions that year.  There is also an FC yearly volume which contains the FC magazines published that year (minus special editions). 

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Thank you MadMom (love the name)... Sorry if question is redundant. As you are aware, I'm new to this site (but not the magazine).

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Oh, I'm so glad you answered this!!