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Everyday cooking Rick Bayless

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I looked through this new cookbook over the weekend at the bookstore.  I'm a big fan of his books.  This one really is a re-hash of recipes from the other books.  If you have cooked much from the previous books then you will definitely recognize the many of recipes. 

But, I think what he has done is modified them to make them a bit healthier.  For example, the Corn Soup from Authentic Mexican is here minus the addition of cream at the end.  I've been making this soup for years and long ago dropped the cream, adding just a wee bit of half and half at the end. 

He has a big chapter on salads that look fresh and updated.  Much is included about living a healthy lifestyle, eating lower on the food chain, etc...

I don't need this book for any reason, but I'm still hoping I find it under the Christmas tree this year.

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  Rick Bayless was at Copia last weekend doin a class based on this book. His focus in this one was that you could get a decent, satisfying meal, without spending the whole day working at it.  It was very nice food.  A salmon ceviche that was just great.   Braised lamb and potatoes; a cactus and corn soup--probably the one you mentioned.  It was a good class, good information, and I will look at this book at some point, as well.