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Do you have this one?

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Recently picked up a great mag because the picture of the cupcake was so purty.Issue 6 .It's called Anna ,and it isn't Anna Olsen.Found out it's not just cooking,  ...but made 2 of the cupcake recipes.Yummy.Magazine is out of Winnipeg, Bought it at Whole Foods.

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In May, I saw the magazine for the first time at our local bookstore. I was so impressed that I got a subscription (only 4 issues/year).  I was thinking of buying some of the older issues. What did you think of the issue you bought? Cheers

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I loved it.I like pictures with my recipes,so this mag really suits me. And ,as you have seen,the pix are gorgeous.I buy so many of these mags (when I'm looking for something new to read)that I have to think twice before subscribing,but I also am thinking of going for some of the older issues.It's hard to resist.

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All good things are out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Just ask me and Geoffchef.

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