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Dessert Fourplay

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Dessert Fourplay (post #63013)

'Dessert Fourplay'

Sweet quartets from a four-star pastry chef

Jonny Iuzzini is regarded as one of the most talented pastry chefs in the US (so I've been told)

Since the book just arrived today, I haven't gotten to try out any of his recipes yet, but this appears to be the meeting place where food and art come together. (perhaps somewhat reminiscent of wild sweets)

Many of the recipes have a 'make it simpler' suggestions enabling the home cook to prepare these stunning (looking) desserts

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Sorry but I missed the double s and thought of my year in the Sahara.  Going to corner now.  Rich

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Get thee to the Namib!!!  ;) 

 ..... Don't often get to practice my English spelling .... (guess that what spell checks are for )

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Saw this guy on Martha Stewart one day some time ago.  He was fabulous.  His desserts were imaginative and very appealing -- he was also very easy to watch and listen to.  I enjoyed him a lot.