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Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Soups Book

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I saw a review on of Deborah Madison's latest book called, I think, "Vegetarian Soups." It was published just last month, and I haven't seen it in any bookstore in our area yet. If anyone here has a copy, I'd be interested in your impressions.

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 Vegetable Soups from DM's Kitchen is 9.95 on zooba. com.  So is  her Vegetarian Suppers.  I swear on the stack of my JP books, I am not  employed by Zooba.  lol. bal


So much to cook; so little time.

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So much to cook; so little time.

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Thanks. I'm going to order from Zooba--a site I'd never heard of until I started hanging out at CT.

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Earlier today I made a vegetarian soup from her book, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  It is Caramelized Onion and Barley with Pecorino Romano.  It turned out tasty but too thick.  I will need to thin it with stock when I serve it later tonight.  Next time I'll use less barley.  Generally, I like her soups and her recipes, but I don't have a specific comment on the new book since I haven't had a chance to look throught it yet.

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Same with me. I like her Vegetarian Cooking and guess I would like any other. The Lentil Minestrone (I've posted here) is worth the price of the book itself, if you don't mind my bit of hyberbole. There is a recipe posted on this site by AP for KP that is really unique (from her Farmer's Market cookbook). It is a cold zucchini soup and has poblano peppers and corn tortillas blended in. On the strenth of these two recipes, I bet the Soups book is a winner.

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Thanks for your comment. I've always liked The Greens Cookbook, particularly the soup chapter, so I've decided to go ahead and order the new book on soups. I'll check out your lentil minestrone post, too.

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