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Cookery N'Orleans Style....LOL

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Of course I just love this book cause it is all the recipes of my family and friends...Velveeta and cream of mushroom soup...and all!!!

It contains everything from the simplest to the sublime!! It's my childhood, my mother, my memories, my comfort. I guess that says it all.

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Just so happens I have a copy of this cookbook, sent to me by a wonderful lady. Haven't tried as many of the recipes as I'd like, but the apple pie is wonderful. It has become my default apple pie recipe.

I just have to go onto my standard rant here...if you have family recipes you love, please get them in writing and preserve them. Of course, we can't all do as well as chiqui did, but we owe it to our children to pass on those things we loved when we were children...even if they include Velveeta and cream of mushroom soup, darn it!