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Cookbooks-Here's my list...

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i The Joy Of Cooking

i The Cake Bible

i The Professional Pastry Chef

(Newest Fave)
i Cookwise

Essential Magazine Subscriptions:

i Saveur

i Fine Cooking

i Cook's Illustrated

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More not paying attention.

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Or...there is always the possibility that some people disagreed with the one book per discussion suggestion?

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Maybe room for both:
A) One book per thread will make it easier to find our reviews of any particular book later BUT
B) We could also have one thread where everyone posts their favorite cookbooks as a list.

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I must confess it - I do not own any copy of " Joy of Cooking", and at this late date, I'm not sure I should get it.

As for "The Cake Bible", it is a good book, but, and I'll probably get trashed for this, I find a much earlier cook book by Susan Purdy to be better. It is called "A Piece of Cake". Her Swedish butter cake is TDF. An absolute no fail wower!

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These would all be on my list:

Border Cookbook - actually all of the Jamisons cookbooks
Cake Bible
Pie and Pastry Bible
Great Cakes
Great Pies and Tarts
Village Baker's Wife
Baking with Julia
The new Making of a Cook
Cooking at Home - Julia and Jacques
Flatbreads and Flavors
Mexico one Plate at a Time
Classic Italian Cookbook
50 Chowders
Coyote Cafe
China Moon
Complete Meat Cookbook
Louisiana Kitchen
Tra Vigne Cookbook

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I'm speaking to you from the corner. Sorry...I didn't pay close enough attention to the rules and realize that by the fact that
b everyone else's
threads begin with their fave books. Not my favorite way to stand out in a crowd.

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But then he broke his own rule!

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LOL! Like he said elsewhere, we're quirky :-)

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I have tried some of the cake recipes out of The Cake Bible and I didn't care for how they turned out. I also tried the coffee buttercream frosting and it was like spreading butter on a cake. Too much butter in the recipe in my opinion.