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cookbook sale

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cookbook sale (post #63034)

Book closeouts has a 35% sale on COOKBOOKS!

Really felt it was my duty to pass this info on. Placed my order. Whittled it down to just a few....lots of garbage but a few gems in there. 34 pages. Should keep you busy for a while! My approach is to add everything you like to the basket then go back and delete. Much easier than trying to find later. Just trying to help. Really.

Table in The Tarn is there...soon to be mine. Oh and one of Leader's bread books. Mine now too.

Off to bed now. Have a nice evening everyone.


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Is book closeouts a store, a web site, or what?

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Sent you a longish response this am and it went to heaven. Guess its Sunday or something!

Anyway its I like it bbecause although they charge in USD, they ship from St Catherines so no duty for us!



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Don't forget to take the discount from the back of the last bookmark you received!  I think you have to get to $35.00 for the $5.00 discount, which helps with shipping.

Good books on sale, I did NOT succumb!  LOL

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I saw it, but their overseas shipping is just totally, over the top rediculous. If I pay that, the books are almost twice as expensive as Amazon :o(