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Cookbook Bonanza

favorablyimpressed's picture

My order from Jessica's Biscuit finally arrived in today's mail.  Ina Garten's new book, Barefoot in Paris, is beautiful and makes me want to return for a visit.  In addition to her take on some of the French classics, she's included a four-page resource list, which would be essential if one were planning a trip to Paris in the near future.

The second book is Food & Wine's Best of the Best, which features recipes from 25 of what they consider to be the best cookbooks of the year.  Of course, I have many of them, like Bittersweet, the late Leslie Revsin's Come for Dinner, The Bread Bible, and Everyday Greens, but I'm looking forward to reviewing several of the others.

Now, to find room in by bookcase for two more books!