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From Chocolate & Zucchini

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two recipes tried last night, both very good

First was "absorption pasta" - she has a recipe using zucchini and cocoa bits. I severely Madmommed the recipe, by adding carrot ribbons and peas to the mix, omitting the cocoa bits and using toasted pine nuts instead

I was very interested in trying the "absorption" method - you sautee the pasta in oil first, add very little liquid, to cover it. And cook, almost like a risotto. It is delicious. I used my homemade chicken stock to cook small penne.

this might very well become my method of choice for cooking small pasta - we both loved it.

The other recipe was lamb meatballs - made with diced prunes, orange zest, allspice. Very tasty, easy to make too.

I know that one dish does not go very well with the other - but, this was a dinner just for the two of us, so we don t mind the crazy mix. The lamb meatballs would go a lot better with couscous and a yogurt sauce like CLotilde recommends. But, believe me, it was mighty tasty with the pasta too :-)



It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

(October 2007)

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Yes, I've been meaning to do that recipe. We had a big discussion about it last year--I think Schnitzel brought it up from Jacques pepin and then it came out in Clotilde's book too.  Sort of pasta risotto.


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I think you will love it, go for it!



It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

(October 2007)

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I did that exact recipe a while ago - including the cocoa nibs. My husband looked at me like I was crazy, but we both thought it was acceptable. It didn't wow us, though, and we've never made it since. I do like the absorption method. I have her book on request at the library, as the one other recipe from it that I've tried I have really really liked. (The 10 minute asparagus with brown rice dish that she had on her website at one point.)

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That pasta method is great. I first ran across it when my DH brought home an article about Alain Ducasse with a Mediterranean Pasta version with tapenade. I've also done the Patricia Wells one that someone posted here--it's delicious.
The meatballs sound good--I'll try them soon. Thanks!