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Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisianna Kitchen

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It's likely this won't make the top ten list of too many CTer's but it occupies a special place in my heart. Back at a time when I was just developing an interest in cooking what really pushed me to get "serious" was that I wanted to create some of the culinary delights that I recalled from my youth. Growing up in south Florida I was constantly exposed to ethnic foods that I simply could not find in New England back in the 80s. Food that was heavily influenced by proximity to Cuba and the Caribbean, as well as soul food, down home barbecue and good ole southern cooking.

Another style of cooking that permeated the area was Cajun and Creole, even though we didn't identify it as such. Jambalya, red beans and rice, shrimp creole, all these dishes were common to our southern tables and in particular I loved the spice! So it was that when I came across "Louisiana Kitchen" in the local Barnes and Noble I had to have it. There are surely more recipes in my collection from this book than from any other single source. It paved the way for me to have authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine in my home not to mention the many, many friends that got their first introduction.

Ole Chef Paul may have become a tad commercialized since then but I certainly thank him for this one treasure.


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BIG DADDY......I agree. I love his book and his presentation. I must admit......I find his food to taste a lot alike cause he uses a lot of the same spices and seasonings in all his recipes, LOL.

I may not follow his recipes exactly, but he has a great gift for blending flavors to get the most out of whateva he's cooking. And after all.......who could not love a man who promotes my homeland????LOL

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I've never tried this particular book, but I love Paul's "Fiery Foods I Love". Wow! The flavor combinations from that book are so good they make a person want to like the pan!