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Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes

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After hearing about her scallops with three peas and prosciutto, I am thinking about ordering Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes by Jeanne Kelley.

Any opinions on this one?

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I don't know about the book but I notice my very yellow plum tomatoes are just getting ready to be ready and I can't wait to see if they are the super sweet ones I saved seeds from last year. They were DEEElicious!!


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I am jealous! My tomatoes are but a distant memory. I had a good crop this year, but they finished up three weeks ago. Now I am thinking about fall tomatoes!

Simply too blasted hot around here! :-)

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Ummmm. Hot? You would have to be in the vicinity of the River Styx to be hotter than it has been here!! 
We planted an early variety that is beginning to finish. The rest of our plants are just coming in to their real bounty. I even went to the farmers' market just now and didn't buy tomatoes!! That's a first, but we could never grow enough for me to have enough!!


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Funny you mention not having enough tomatoes. I just returned from "the Spiceman," a wonderful produce purveyor (also Susan Spicer's brother).

He sold me a big box of almost over-the-top tomatoes, some beautiful creamer peas, fresh pinto beans, Louisiana golden chanterelles, and (only a few) HUGE morels. I will use the tomatoes for sauce, try the Saveur method for the creamers (thanks Tracy!), and who knows what to do with the mushrooms.

He also has a deal with Andy's Orchard in No Cal for stonefruit. I couldn't resist a mixed box of peaches, nectarines and plums! Of course, it isn't local (Texas peaches have been hit and miss) and I blew the monthly food budget on fruit and veg, what to do with these...they are too special for a pie or galette.

Decisions, decisions...I love summer fruits and vegetables!

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Did you get it? I am thinking about ordering it.


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No, I never did. Honestly, I forgot about it. It looks wonderful!