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Best American Recipes

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I just picked up the new one. I don't like "Best of" books but these are really terrific. I have all of them and I have found at LEAST 4-5 recipes in each one that I would make again. And I obviously have not made all the recipes in each book. Recipes in the new edition that I want to make include:

Cream cheese stuffed piquillo peppers   recipe from Zingermans

Pancetta crisps with goat cheese and pear from Bon Appetit

Lentil Soup with sausage (this sounds really good) from a rest. in Rome

Chickpea soup with chorizo and smoked paprika from the Berkeley rest. Cesar

Alice Waters Coleslaw from NYT Magazine

Grilled Caesar Salad from The Big Book of Backyard Cooking

Greek Radish Salad from "The olive and the Caper"

Rigatoni Alla Toto from "Rome at Home"

Braised Green Beans with Tomato and Fennel from Corby Kummer and The Washington Post

Fusilli with Feta and Lemon Caper pesto from Cooking New American from FINE COOKING

Eggplant and Lentil Stew from Paula Wolfert

I could go on and on. If I find a winner, which I'm sure I will, I will post it. Check the book out. Pamilyn

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

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I love these too.  Many are recipes I would otherwise miss or would bypass, and there are some great winners in this one too.  I also love the F&W Best of the Best, and have most of those.  Too many recipes, too little time, lol.

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This is hilarious.  I've just picked up the  three "Best" books I have  to see what I should make during the holidays...LOL.  The first one I have is 1999 and that is the one, it seems, I have used the most, although I used the last one a lot too. Bal


So much to cook; so little time.

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So much to cook; so little time.

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I completely love the 1999 one, too, and use it all the time. . .the roasted root vegetables with cumin and goat cheese, the chocolate filbert balls, the smoked trout salad with grapefruit. . .yum.

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I have the 1999 one too (it's the only one I have) -- I started buying and reading cookbooks long before I started trying to really learn to cook.  I have never used it but I pulled it out just today because of this thread and am making a bread from there for tonight and a chicken dish for tomorrow.  Lot's of things look good in there.

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I have them ALL also.
I even Ebayed a couple that I was missing.
They do scan everything because I spotted some FC recipes in the books too (the Ginger/Marcapone (sp?) Icebox cake comes to mind).

I'm holding off for 2005/2006 until the price comes down.  Oh and if you check out your local Tuesday Morning they may have some in the book area.  That's where I picked up a few(EXTREMELY reasonable price!).

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Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Stop me before I order more!

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I get these every year - the CI ones are terrible, but these are little beauties. Those ladies really scan everything.

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