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Any opinions

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Any opinions (post #62907)

I am wondering what people think of The Splendid Table and Italian Country table? I have tried a couple of recipes from website, and in browsing Amazon, i see they are available for reasonable prices. Any comments would be gratefully received. Barb

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I listen to the podcast every week, and I've only tried one recipe (Luxurious scrambled eggs, if you can call it a recipe). It was good. I have a bunch of others saved from her newsletter. She seems very knowledgeable and laid back. I like her attitude about cooking and food.

A side note about the podcast, I really don't like her laugh and I HATE the "stump the chef" segment. Chris Kimball is an uptight wiener if you ask me. :)

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Splendid Table is a GREAT book!  LRK won the cookbook of the year award with that one from both IACP and James Beard.  It's a cookbook, travelogue, historical reference, and short story book. 

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I've lingered over The Italian Country Table in many bookstores and think it looks like an excellent recipe collection.  I haven't bought it only because it looked to me like I had similar versions of many of the recipes in a number of my other cookbooks or in magazines.  That said, the recipes in the book really seemed appetizing.  One that especially appealed to me was "Pasta Siracusa"--or something like that--a Sicilian tomato/eggplant sauce flavored with orange peel.  I've been making this recipe for years. It's dynamite and loved by everyone in my family. And there was a luscious looking chicken roasted in a balsamic sauce, almond cake--your basic cucina della nonna (grandma's kind of home cooking).  If you're not already awash in Italian cookbooks, and you like this kind of homestyle cooking, I think this definitely a book worth owning.  It's nicely printed and formatted, too.

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I think that is it, Heather.  I usually sautee some Japanese eggplant until very soft and tender and add it to the mix and use green olives rather than black.  But you really can't go wrong with any variation. IMO it's the orange peel that's the magic ingredient.  Enjoy, if you decide to make it.

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It's on the list. Thanks!
But I REALLY don't need another cookbook! I got several for Christmas.

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Just say no!  My own cookbook consumption is way down since I became an active CT participant.  I think joining CT really caused me to explore some of the almost infinite number of food web sites and to appreciate my FC subscription more. I feel up to my hairline in recipes (including so many wonderful ones supplied by CTers) from these sources and just don't have the cookbook buying urge as strongly as I used to.

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My own cookbook consumption is way down since I became an active CT participant.

How I wish I could say the same!! lol  I'm afraid that participating on this site has acted in the opposite manner for me!  In fact I'm certain that the dorrbell will ring at any moment with yet another book order I've placed...especially now that my DH has returned from his running around.  ( These orders never seem to arrive when he is otherwise occupied!!)


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I'm with you Debby--I've ordered so many cookbooks because of the enabling going on here, it's really not my fault.

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Of course it's not our faults!!  We're only human, after all!!  ;)


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Right. We're only human, and we haven't bought stoves after all. What's a few books?

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I know what you're saying. I can't fully understand why the enabling here hasn't encouraged me to buy more books since I've always been (and still am) a passionate book buyer. Maybe the enabling makes me focus on bigger ticket items. I just bought a stove.

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I just bought a stove.

lol   I love it!!  Next time my DH questions me about my book order, I'll have something new to tell him !! 


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Splendid Table was a fascinating read for me, although I didn't cook much from it. Lent it to a classmate last year, and that's the last I saw of it. However...Italian Country Table is both a fabulous read and one of my favorite Italian cookbooks to cook from. The apple cake with merengue top is terrific, and her dissertation on the making of tomato sauces is worth the price of the book. I must have given 4 copies away so far.

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I have both and think they are wonderful, well worth buying.  I use both, but I use Italian Country Table most often.