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American cookbooks

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Help!!  I have a great friend in England who fell in love with my copy of James Beard's American Cookery.  I would like to give her a good American cookbook and I'm looking for some input into what everyone thinks is a good traditional American cookbook.  She's a pretty good cook and would like to add some American classics to her repetoire.   Susieq

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If you're looking for contemporary classic, you could do way worse than New American Cooking, which has wonderful recipes.  Otherwise, what about the Gourmet cookbook - although many of the recipes are international, they certainly have an American interpretation.


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I can't find Shoechick's (I think) post just today saying the Cooking New American was half price on Amazon.  Even less than that--$11.98 with free shipping (if you buy $25).  Got it for Christmas for children.  That is like free.



Thanks for the heads up!!

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If you're looking for traditional American fare, I have two favorites - Betty Fussell's, I Hear America Cooking and Sauver Cooks Authentic American. Fussell's book is an especially good read, and both books are overviews of regional American cookery.

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Why not start with the James Beard one since she liked it?   I ditto the FC Cooking New America.  ALso Sheila Lukins has an American cookbook too.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I always liked the Frugal Gourmet american cookbooks - maybe not the person but the recipes are good and you can get some nice classics.

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My recently married niece already scarfed up all my Frugal Gourmet books!  I've been clearing out a lot of books to give away and she lit up like a Christmas tree and took first dibs!!