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All About Braising

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All About Braising (post #62911)

I made the Moroccan Spice Rubbed Shoulder Lamb Chops from the book yesterday.  The recipe is written for 4 chops, but I only made two.  I had made this once before, halving the recipe, and thought it needed more oomph, so I increased the amount of the spice rub to about 3/4 of the whole recipe for the two chops, and added some ground ginger as well.  We like more sauce than Molly does, so I used the full amount of stock, actually about 1/4 cup more than that, and added probably close to the full amount of onions.  By the time the braise is finished, the onions have reduced almost to a confit, so that worked out well.  I also added half of a large preserved lemon, cut in strips, when I reheated the braise.  Served it with couscous and an orange and red onion salad.  It was excellent. 

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This is a very good book, isn't it?  One of my favourite things to do is braise so I have used tons of information from the book.

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the Molly Stevens book?