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Rustic Potato Bread From Baking With ...

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First, 1.5# potatoes are cubed into large pieces, peel on, and boiled with 2 tsp. of kosher salt and water to cover until completely cooked through. 1/2 cup of the water is reserved, the potatoes are drained, and then spread flat out to dry completely. The directions said this is a very important step to let the potatoes dry and cool for at least 30 minutes prior to mashing. Peel stays on. This made me sceptical, but I complied.

Once the 1/2 c. water has cooled to tepid, add 1 tbl. of dry yeast (not instant) and allow to bloom for 5 minutes. Put the dried, cooled potatoes in the KA with the paddle attachment and mash smooth - yes, the peel is still on. It looks weird, but let it go. When the potatoes are mashed completely, add the bloomed yeast/potato water, and 2 tbl. olive oil. Mix until combined. Change to dough hook. Add 4 1/2 c. unbleached AP flour and 2 tsp. kosher salt all at once and mix for about 3 min. on low speed, then up to speed 2 and mix for 11 minutes.

This part seemed weird to me. Add the flour all at once? The recipe is very clear on this issue. It says it will look weird, like dry pastry dough, but not to add more liquid and not to add more flour. Just leave it and let it go, the flour would be absorbed and the end result would be very nearly the texture of brioche. Again, I was scepticle, but I did exactly what the directions said.

I did stop the machine a few times and scrape down the bowl and the dough hook, but I let it go for the full time allowed. The dough did become very moist and very loose, like brioche. I resisted the temptation to add more
flour and instead scraped it together best I could, put in a greased bowl and let rise for 35 minutes as directed. The directions say that the dough will rise slightly but will not double. It did rise, did not double, and at the end of the time I complied with the directions again and divided it in two loaves, shaped them, and put them on a floured cloth to rise for another 35 minutes.

I put my pizza stone in the oven to heat to 375 degrees.

At the end of 35 minutes, I put my loaves in the oven and baked for 50 minutes, as directed, spraying the oven with water occasionally.

I removed them when done, and cooled. They were beautiful - very crusty and brown and smelled soooooo good. I couldn't wait until they cooled completely so I cut off an end piece and bit into it. It was fantastic! I was surprised that the potato peel didn't make any distinct difference to the texture. I thought it would.

The resulting bread was very distinctly tasting of potato. It was soft, as potato breads are, but yeastey and a little dense (in a good way) and had a wonderful crusty exterior. It was fantastic.

I would make this bread again, and I think that you should all try it.

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Please note that this can be done without a Kitchen Aide, with very good results.

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i This part seemed weird to me. Add the flour all at once? The recipe is very clear on this issue

My copy of the book does not make a big point of this. Maybe this comes from the show?