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Princess' s Spinach/Pear/Bleu cheese ...

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(Princess doesn't measure so ya'll will just have to use your own preferences with the amounts)

1 pound Fresh Spinach, well rinsed and dried (stems removed and leaves torn into bite-sized pieces)

6 slices bacon
vegetable or olive oil
small onion, diced (red onion is my choice)
apple cider vinegar
Spicey brown or Dijon mustard (I use Creole)
red pear (or yellow apple), cored and thinly sliced, (unpeeled)
good quality bleu cheese, broken into a large crumble

Place well drained spinach in a large bowl. Cook bacon in a large skillet over med-hi heat until crisp. Drain well on paper towels. Discard all but about 4 tabsp. bacon drippings.

Add a little vegetable or olive oil to the skillet and bring up to heat. Add onion; cook until tender, about three minutes. Stir in cider vinegar, mustard, honey, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat.

Add sliced pears (or yellow apples) to spinach along with the crumbled cheese and bacon. Pour hot dressing over all and toss immediately. Serve at once.

The heat of the dressing helps to melt the cheese a bit and creates a beautiful, creaminess to the dressing.

NOTE: The pears that Princess used were still a bit was absolutely a great contrast to the soft spinach and cheese. Also, Princess sometimes adds coarsely chopped, toasted walnuts or pecans to this salad. Also, she likes it on the sweet side so she used several tablespoons of the honey and the Dijon mustard!!
This salad is absolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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i This salad is absolutely the BEST

And so are both of you for sharing.GBY.

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:0) GBY, too!

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This salad is fabulous...

I chose to use apple, toasted walnuts, Danish blue cheese, Creole mustard, etc., and a 10-oz bag of fresh spinach for the two of us ... goodness, this was delicious!
Thank you Chiqui and Princess!

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Amy....I used a yellow apple last week when I made it for my Bible Study group cause the pears I bought turned brown overnight....they were perfect in this. This is absolutely my favorite salad in the world....have even thrown some grilled chicken breast I had left over, in it and the taste was great!!!!!