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need past receipe

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i had an issue of fine cooking magazine which had stir fry recipes with meats and vegtables which my wife lost i don't know which past issue it was going back 1 to five years. it had pictures of procedures and how to match them. i need to know which issue it is so i can re buy it.

thanks bk

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Have you tried to search for it on the FC home page? Whether or not you can replace may be a moot point, depending on how long ago. Good luck.


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I agree about searching FC's home page...or  start here and peruse all of the topics


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Maybe this? Had 7 recipies in the article.   You need to be a board subscriber to access.

A flash in the pan: speedy stir-fries FC88

 Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.

 Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.