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need info from #92

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HI, I can't locate my issue #92, and I am trying to reconstruct an appetizer that I think was in was a sliced baguette, with a soft cheese on it, and then thinly sliced radishes on top of that.
It wasn't even exactly an appetizer, but more of a "hint" of how to use radishes. Does anyone have that issue handy and can possibly fill in any details I am missing, ie the type of cheese, etc? Many thanks....wanting this for dinner party tomorrow night!

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I just looked through 92 for you, but didn't see any thing radish related.

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there was an appetizer like that in Food and Wine a couple of years ago ( I think)..

ah yes - here it is - not sure if it's the exact same...

sounds really good, and summery. :-)

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Got your email - still nothing.
I looked in the issue before and after as well.
That being said, it is very possible that I have been staring right at it and not seeing it.
Wolvie's recipe sounds good.