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Can anyone suggest a recipe for a main dish for brunch.  This will be a small sit down bunch.     THANKS


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I always love quiche at brunch. Endless variations, and with a mixed green salad tossed with a bright vinaigrette it's a nice lightish meal. Start with a basket of mini muffins (blueberry-lemon is a good combo).

Or you could do a strata/breakfast casserole... or if you want to go the sweet vs savory route, baked french toast.

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Welcome, and I hope a moderator will come along and move this to the cooking discussion. This folder is for "special" recipes we vote on. I know it is hard to "understand" that part of the title!! It's no biggie.


Shrimp and grits
smoked salmon cheesecake on arugala with ______ (veggie)
chicken salad with ham biscuits and marinated asparagus
cobb salad
grits casserole with mushrooms and shrimp
eggs sardou
crab cake  with crystal beurre blanc
shrimp with lime beurre blanc
shrimp salad




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