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Best apple (or any fruit) cake, german style

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FInally I typed our favorite cake. It's a german staple called sunken apple cake, it's simple and very good. Use whole recipe for a sheet pan or halve for 10" springform pan. I've used almost all seasonal fruit though apples and plums are most classic. See variations below. Enjoy!






1 c

250 gr


1 c + 2 tbs.

250 gr


3 c

375 gr

AP Flour

4 tsp.

7.5 gr

Baking powder

½ tsp.

10 gr


1 lemon

1 lemon

Grated zest + juice

4 lg. eggs

250 gr (weighed in shells) eggs


About 1-1/2 lb. chopped fruit

750 gr bite-size fruit



Cream butter and sugar well ( around 5 mins.), add salt and lemon. Start beating again, medium high and add eggs, one at a time, beating after each incorporation until completely worked in. When everything’s a good, smooth mixture add the flour and work in on low or medium low. If necessary work in the remaining flour with a spatula by hand. Spread in 2 9” springform pans, 1 10” pan and one 7” pan or on a rimmed 10”x12” sheet pan (those are the pans I’ve tried, feel free to use other measurements…) and put fruit on, cut side down, or, as with rasp-and blackberries domed side up. Bake around 50 min. for each. Test after 40 min. to be sure. Toothpick and so on….

Enjoy this recipe, it’s everybodies (except me) fav cake around here. If you like, notice my P.S.’s.

For Plums and Cranberries: I’d use 2.4 c of AP flour and 5 tbsp. buckwheat flour. Makes 300 gr AP and 75 gr buckwheat.

For Cherries: I add about 5 oz. ( 150gr) grated dark choc.